Grow Strong and Healthy Bonsai Trees With All-Natural Volcanic Basalt


Bonsai are natural tree forms in miniature. As an art form, bonsai has been practiced for hundreds of years in China and Japan and there are bonsai enthusiasts all over the world.

Unlike trees planted in the ground, bonsai cannot extend their roots in search of essential minerals and nutrients. Instead, they get their nutritional content from the relatively small amount of potting soil in which they are planted. Factor in a frequent watering schedule, and it’s no surprise that the soil in a bonsai pot can quickly become depleted.

For a bonsai tree to remain healthy and strong, it requires a steady source of nutrients. Made of finely milled volcanic basalt, Cascade Minerals Remineralizing Soil Booster is a safe and natural way to ensure that your bonsai is getting the essential minerals and trace elements that it needs to grow into maturity. (Some bonsai trees can live for hundreds of years!).

This is what one of our customers had to say about applying Cascade Minerals to his bonsai tree:

“The leaves on my six-year-old upright Cotoneaster bonsai tree looked so unhealthy that I thought it was dying. My guess was that the tree was lacking important trace elements in its largely inorganic soil. I thought volcanic rock dust might provide the valuable nutrients it needed so I scratched Cascade Minerals into the surface around the tree. It perked up very quickly and soon it actually flowered – something that had not happened in years. Today, the tree is healthy and gets many compliments. I also used Cascade Minerals on my vegetable garden and shrubs and enjoyed great success. I definitely believe in the benefits of using Cascade Minerals!” – Phil Stern, Portland, Oregon