Add Remineralizing Soil Booster to Compost to Feed your Plants a Balanced Diet

Compost is a complex product. A magical mixture of carbon, nutrients and microbiology, compost works to give your plants the balanced diet that they need to thrive.

One way to increase the energy level, or heat, of your compost pile is to add a high quality, nutrient-rich rock dust. Rich in silicon-based minerals and trace elements, it acts as an additional source of nutrition for the millions of microbes whose job it is to break down the organic matter in the pile. Think of it as the “catalyst” that helps the hungry microbes eat their food faster!

Listen as agronomist Rich Affeldt talks about how to get the most out of your compost by adding an all-natural rock dust like Cascade Minerals’ Remineralizing Soil Booster which is made entirely of volcanic basalt from Central Oregon:

Composting is one of the best investments you can make in your garden. With the addition of mineral-rich rock dust, you can speed up the composting process and get back to the business of growing healthy and productive plants. The result is nutritious fruits and vegetables that look better, taste better, and are better for you and your family than the food that is typically found in supermarkets.