Are Mineral-Rich Brazil Nuts Part of Your Christmas Tradition?

Brazil Nuts

In the U.S. and U.K., nuts are a common part of the traditional Christmas spread. Do you remember getting an orange in your stocking, along with unshelled nuts like walnuts, hazel nuts, almonds and Brazil nuts?

Unlike other nuts, however, Brazil nuts aren’t really nuts but rather seeds. Grown wild in the naturally mineralized soils of countries like Bolivia, Brazil and Peru, Brazil nuts are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals—especially selenium, a trace mineral vital to all body functions including the immune system.

In addition to Brazil nuts, whole grains are an excellent source of selenium. Technically speaking, that is. That’s because many of the soils where these grains grow are over-farmed and depleted of important minerals such as selenium. Plants cannot absorb selenium through their roots if it’s not present in the soil to begin with.

The next time you read a produce label in the grocery store remember that the actual mineral levels depend on the soil in which they were grown and can vary widely from one geographic region to another. For that reason, many people choose to grow their own food in soil that has been brought back to health through remineralization.

From all of us at Cascade Mineral Products, may you enjoy a happy, festive Christmas holiday (with plenty of healthy, mineral-rich Brazil nuts!).


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