Don’t Settle: Use Rock Dust to Grow Great Tasting, Mineral-Rich Food


We take it for granted that the fresh produce we buy in the grocery store is going to be good for us—but it might surprise us to find out that it is NOT all that it is cracked up to be.

(Of course, fresh produce will ALWAYS be better for our health than the processed and packaged junk that fills up the aisles of the rest of the store. Stick to the perimeter when you do your shopping, and buy organic whenever possible and when it makes sense for you.)

Aside from the obvious health issues (i.e., pesticides and other residue), today’s produce might not even be delivering the vitamins and minerals that it should. What we used to think of as minimally accepted levels of nutritional content have suddenly become “nice to have’s.” The reality is that most conventionally grown produce falls into the “have not” category, with nutritional content that is woefully lacking.

How did this happen? What can we do about it?

For decades, we assumed that the soil would sustain us—even if we mistreated it by over farming and through the application of synthetic chemicals and fertilizers. For a while, things worked. But it was an illusion. Synthetic fertilizers work quickly, giving plants a quick rush of food to force them into production. But they do nothing to nourish the soil, and the result is fruits and vegetables that look good but taste like absolutely nothing because they are missing the minerals that give them sweetness and flavor.

Ask any organic gardener and they’ll tell you that the first indication of declining soil health is food that doesn’t taste as good as it should. Ever bite into a beautiful red tomato…only to get a mealy mouthful? Or expect ALL iceberg lettuce to taste…blah? Then you’ve eaten inferior food. And that should get you MAD (okay, at least fired up and ready to see some change!).

The solution is a complete overhaul of how we treat our earth’s most precious resource. We simply cannot continue with large-scale farming techniques that take minerals out of the soil without putting them back in. (Nor can we wait for Mother Earth to replenish our soils. It would take an apocalyptic combination of volcanoes, glaciers and floods to deposit the necessary minerals that will undo the damage we’ve already done.)

The way to get minerals back into our soils is to put them there. Soil remineralization is so simple, and yet so powerful—and so beneficial to the health of our soil as well as our bodies and minds. For the richest soil, the healthiest plants and mineral-rich food, use an all-natural product like Cascade Minerals Remineralizing Soil Booster to grow the nutrient-dense food that you and your family deserve.