Soil Minerals and Microbes: A Partnership That Benefits Plants, People and Planet


Probiotic foods and supplements are everywhere. These “good bacteria” are beneficial to digestive health and overall well-being.

As it turns out, the microbial community that lives in the soil beneath our feet is just as important. Until now, however, soil microbes haven’t received quite the same level of interest and attention as those that reside in the human body. But things are beginning to change, thanks to research by microbiologists and soil scientists across the world—as well as increasing interest from farmers and consumers who are worried about the future of our planet and its ability to feed an exploding population.

These worries are justified. Many of the world’s soils have been destroyed by modern agricultural techniques combined with an over-reliance on chemical fertilizers and pesticides. On that note, we should be aware of the potential damage to our bodies that eating too much junk food and overusing antibiotics can cause.

There is good news, however. Just as eating a probiotic yogurt or taking a probiotic supplement can help restore the body’s balance of good and bad bacteria, adding minerals back to the soil can help feed the microbes that lead to the development of stronger, healthier plants.

From mites to fungi, bacteria, nematodes, worms and more, soil microbes come in many different shapes and forms. They all thrive in high-mineral soils. Once these microorganisms die and decay, they release back to the soil the essential minerals that plants need to flourish.

Scientists have only begun to scratch the surface (pun intended!) when it comes to studying the role of microbes in creating healthy soil. But there is something that we can all do right now that will have a big impact on the health of our soil and the plants that grow in it. It’s called remineralization.

Remineralization is the process of adding essential minerals back to depleted soil. Applying a high-quality product like Cascade Minerals Remineralizing Soil Booster is one of the easiest and most economical ways to feed the soil by feeding the microbes. And while we can’t promise that you’ll see the microbes in action (you’ll need a powerful microscope for that), we are sure that you’ll see results in the form of healthy soil and stronger, more vibrant plants.