Pumpkins Galore: Feed the Fall Garden with Mineral-Rich Volcanic Basalt

Harvest season is a great time to appreciate the fruits of your labor and to take time to reflect on the growing season.

Pumpkins aren’t just a fun part of the fall garden—they are also very visible reminders of the importance of mineral-rich soil in producing large, beautifully colored and nutrient-dense fruits. (Yes, pumpkins are a fruit!)

To learn more about growing the perfect pumpkin, please read our previous blog post in which we discuss seeds, soil, sun and water.

Then watch these two short YouTube videos (below) in which our own agronomist Rich Affeldt discusses how to use all-natural Cascade Minerals Remineralizing Soil Booster to give your fall garden a head start on the  next growing season so that you, too, can grow the perfect pumpkin—whether it’s for eating, decorating…or simply admiring!