Rock Minerals: The Missing Link Between Soil Health and Nutrition

Throughout millennia, the forces of Mother Nature have been grinding down mineral-rich rocks into small particles. The result is healthy and fertile soil filled with a natural mix of nutrients that plants (and people) need to thrive.

The problem is this: Mother Nature works slowly—while humankind destroys quickly. It takes nature 500 years to replace one inch of eroded soil. If we don’t start taking better care of our precious planet’s skin, there will be nothing left to sustain us.

Good Nutrition Begins with the Soil

Plants—like people—need adequate nutrition to produce crops that are not only nutrient-dense but also satisfy our taste buds better than anything that is chemically engineered. This intense flavor and nutrition is delivered in the form of rock minerals. Rock minerals feed the soil microbes that transform the minerals into available nutrition for plants which produce healthy food for us.

Simple, right?

Unfortunately, rock minerals don’t regenerate on their own after they’ve been wiped out. Absent a volcanic eruption or a glacial event, once they are gone—they are gone for good (at least in our lifetime).

Putting Rock Minerals Back Where They Belong

Adding rock minerals back to the soil is called “remineralization,” a practice that is slowly gaining acceptance worldwide. Indeed, the country of Brazil recently made soil remineralization part of its agricultural policy—a major step forward in generating global awareness and interest in the importance of rock minerals and how they help grow healthier, stronger plants with higher yields and higher levels of nutrients.

There is also substantial research that says that remineralized soil helps sequester atmospheric carbon and may even help reverse climate change. (Read a previous blog post which talks about this concept in the context of Kristin Ohlson’s book entitled The Soil Will Save Us: How Scientists, Farmers and Foodies are Healing the Soil to Save the Planet.)

The Benefits of Volcanic Basalt

Closer to home, remineralization is a low-cost and high-impact way for backyard gardeners and indoor growers to grow the healthiest, strongest plants possible. With a variety of rock dust products to choose from, look for a product made of volcanic basalt. An igneous rock, basalt releases silica-based minerals that are beneficial to ALL plants. Results include improved plant structure; increased resistance to pests and disease; intensified flavor profile; and increased weight and yield.

For best results, look for all-natural Cascade Minerals Remineralizing Soil Booster. Made in the U.S.A., it consists entirely of volcanic basalt (i.e., no additives or man-made materials) and is OMRI-Listed for organic production. It is the trusted choice of farmers, growers and gardeners around the country.