Soil Health and Sustainability: Five Reasons to Celebrate on Earth Day

Environmental Protection

There is much to do to preserve and protect our planet, but there is also much to celebrate when it comes to sustainable foods, products and practices. Here are five things to celebrate—and to build upon:

1. CSAs, or community supported agriculture, are growing rapidly across the U.S. These are farms that regularly provide their members with boxes of fresh, organic produce that is in season—introducing people to healthy foods that they might not have tried otherwise. Fava beans, anyone?

2. According to a report by the Organic Trade Association, eight in ten U.S. parents report they purchase organic products to provide healthful options for their children.

3. Around the world, more land is being dedicated to organic farming. The Worldwatch Institute says there has been a three-fold increase since 1999 and that, on average, organic farms have 30% higher biodiversity, including birds, insects, and plants, than conventional farms do.

4. Soil health is getting a lot of attention from U.S. farmers, thanks to the USDA-NRCS’s new soil health awareness and education effort called “Unlock the Secrets in the Soil.” Healthy soils can lead to increased yields and increased profits for farmers and ranchers while benefiting the environment.

5. From the White House to your own backyard, home gardening is on the rise. Millions of U.S. households grow their own produce, using natural practices to harvest fruits and vegetables that are not only better-tasting and healthier than what is available in most supermarkets, but also cost less, too. (The National Gardening Association estimates that a well-maintained food garden yields an average $500 return).

Happy Earth Day!

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