Locally Grown Good Food Starts with Good Soil

It’s encouraging to see more and more people becoming interested in eating healthy, nutritious food that they grow themselves. Because good food begins with good soil, the time that you spend conditioning the soil in your garden now will pay off with plenty of delicious and healthy produce in the months ahead.

We can’t all be backyard gardeners, however. Fortunately, community supported agriculture (CSA) programs connect local farmers with people in the community who sign up to receive regular deliveries of fresh, seasonal produce. Technically, customers “purchase” a CSA farm share, or a portion of the farm’s harvest. In return, they get a box filled with a selection of whatever is currently in season. Most CSAs use organic or biodynamic farming methods, so consumers know they are getting high quality, local produce.

Other benefits of CSA programs include:

  • Availability of produce not usually seen in grocery stores – a great way to expand your palate!
  • Food that is picked at the peak of ripeness (versus being harvested too early)
  • Food with a short time-to-table, i.e., you eat it at the height of taste and nutritional value
  • Minimal transportation (lower carbon footprint)
  • Less wasteful packaging – produce is usually delivered in a single box

The best food is food that is grown closest to you. The website www.LocalHarvest.org can help you find farmers’ markets, family farms and other local sources of sustainably grown food.

Whether you grown your own produce, sign up for a CSA or shop elsewhere…take a moment to appreciate the connection between the soil and the food that it produces.