Carrot Crop gets a Boost with a “Side-Dressing” of Finely Ground Volcanic Basalt

Early this spring, we did a top-dressing application of Cascade Minerals on a test field of carrots in Madras, Oregon. We’ll be following these carrots through to yield, and you can watch some of the videos on our YouTube channel.

By late March, our plants were well-established and it was time to do a “side-dressing.” Side-dressing is a commonly used technique for incorporating an extra boost of fertilizer into the soil. (The timing depends on the specific crop; for carrots, side-dressing is best about three weeks after the plants are well established and no longer seedlings. In the photos above, the dark strips are where Cascade Minerals’ finely ground volcanic basalt was applied.)

Side-dressing helps crops grow evenly and can help deliver better results at harvest, especially if you’ve just begun the process of reconditioning your soil or if you have sandy soil where nutrients drain away quickly.

To apply a side-dressing, dig a shallow furrow about 5-6 inches away from plant stems—either around individual plants (circular technique) or in a straight line next to a row of plants (banding technique). After filling the furrow with fertilizer, cover it with soil to keep rain from splashing fertilizer onto the leaves and burning them. (Note: With all-natural Cascade Minerals, you don’t have to worry about burning. Our product is approved for organic production, and there is no chance that it will harm your plants.)

As for the carrots, it’s still too early to share any results (much to the chagrin of the Easter Bunny who had to work early this year!). But we hope that these photos and videos give you an idea of how to use Cascade Minerals Remineralizing Soil Booster on your own crops.

Are you using Cascade Minerals in your fields or gardens? We’d LOVE to hear from you! Send us your photos and testimonials and we’ll post them on our social media pages. You can send them to us at cascademineralsinfo [at] gmail [dot] com.