Healthy Soil Begins with Nutrient-Rich Rocks

If you took a sample of soil from your garden and looked at it under the microscope, what would you see?

Hopefully, you’d see billions of microorganisms hard at work. Healthy soil should be teeming with these busy biological “workers” whose main task is to break down organic material and make nutrients available for plants to absorb.

Bacteria, fungi, algae, nematodes, anthropods—you can’t see them with the naked eye, but these are just some of the microorganisms that contribute to the health of the soil.

If you don’t think soil is exciting, watch Deborah Koons Garcia’s new film Symphony of the Soil. One of the scientists interviewed for the film describes healthy soil as filled with so much life “that it is like Times Square on New Year’s Eve—all the time!”

You can watch the trailer at or click on the link below:


Symphony of the Soil Trailer from Symphony of the Soil on Vimeo.

Appropriately enough, the movie begins with a nod to the life-sustaining properties of mineral-rich rocks. Microbial ecologist Dr. Ignacio Chapela stands on a mountain in Norway and says: “Life supports me on this precarious ledge where we can see life gaining upon the mineral basis of the planet. The nutrients of the rock being transferred into the living layer that is the soil that supports the plant and other life. And building up life to make soil thicker and thicker, as life complexes upon itself.”

Healthy soil is a living, breathing thing that impacts life as we know it. That’s why it is exciting to hear from leading scientists and farmers around the world who are raising global awareness about soil health. The good news is that more and more of us are hearing that message, and are already supporting soil health in our own backyards.


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